Wind for assistance to propulsion

Consultant for shipowners

WASP Assesement Methodology


basic principles of wind propulsion

Step 1: full landscape

based on the detailed description of all (30+) possible devices and concepts, select 6 to be retained for the next steps;

Step 2: technology review

discussion of the relevant technical issues and technology comparison irrespective of the suppliers

Step 3: initial comparison

the 6 devices are compared based on the answers received from the suppliers on the same set of questions ; this step comprises:

  • a qualitative comparison of the suppliers
  • a quantitative comparison (performance, price and delivery);
2 devices are short-listed as a conclusion from these comparisons

Step 4: final comparison

performance raw evaluation on one vessel using the 2 shortlisted devices, for final comparison

Step 5: conclusion

recommended device and next steps of evaluation