Wind propulsion for cargo ships

Shipping decarbonizing is the hot topic of the industry. All stakeholders agree it is time to stop talking and take action. All solutions on the table will require public acceptance and this will take time.

Wind on ships is readily available and gets naturally public enthusiasm. The PROPELWIND unique proposal of wind for the main propulsion of ships triggers immediate public passion.

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast 

Jim Carroll, futurist

trimaran 3D model


PROPELWIND is a concept development company working on economically viable zero-emission vessels using primarily wind for their main propulsion.



To get a significant impact on the global shipping emissions, these vessels should be made available for different types of cargo and built in very large series.



Maximum use of wind through proven technology from ocean sail racing and America’s cup, and applied for cargo ships.

Wind propulsion should be fast, beautiful and exciting.