An alternative to the trimaran configuration

The main principles as set out for the trimaran apply as well here for the monohull, except:

  • water ballast tanks are required for stability;
  • green fuel segregation is more complicated.

However, It is designed to be extremely habour friendly:

  • shallow draft;
  • monohull instead of multihull;
  • mechanical assistance to propulsion with azipods and  pumpjet, allowing to manoeuvre and berth without tugs;
  • large, single box-shaped cargo hold served by overhead crane; self-unloading system sidewise under development; no harbour cranes required.

This would make the PROPELWIND design particularly suitable to solve today’s huge, global problem of container terminals congestion, being able to load / unload containers in any harbour even small and under-equipped.

The vessel is designed to maximize the sailing speed by balancing adequately the wind performance and the maximum deadweight, to the benefit of the regularity and commercial efficiency.

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