Propelwind Team

Catherine Boucard

Projects and Company Management

  • Technical Director Offshore Wind
  • Deputy Technical Director at GTT until Oct. 2021
  • Project Engineering Manager for large EPC project
  • Vast LNG experience
  • PROPELWIND S.A.S. Board Member

François Moriceau

Ship Operation Matters

  • Captain on Ro-Ro ships
  • Technical Director of a shipowner
  • Shipowner
  • PROPELWIND S.A.S. Board Member

Mathis Ruhl

Naval Architecture VPP & Routing Innovation

  • Naval architecture, design and project management for sailing yachts up to 80m
  • R&D wind propulsion for 100m+ vessels

Roland Nobels

Finance & Strategy

  • Independent Board Member
  • Strategy Professor at MBA

Paul-Philippe Halleux

Ship Technology

  • Seagoing Chief Engineer
  • Assistant Project Manager new ships
  • Superintendent offshore Oil & Gas at EXMAR

Patrick Englebert

Overall Concepts, Business Development, Funding

  • Projects and Innovations
  • Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas, Power plants
  • Robust experience with LNG including innovations
  • Founder of Propelwind (READ MORE)

Marine Rialan

Project and Communication

  • Project Manager at Beyond the Sea
  • Communication staff at Wind Ship Association